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Take the stress out of API documentation.
No setup required. Use our in-browser editor and get beautifully formatted HTML instantly.

No credit card needed to try it out.

Your API deserves good documentation

Your API’s documentation is the first impression it will make. Give developers a reason to want to try your API out.

APILab is a Markdown editor that makes documenting your APIs easy

The generated pages look equally good on desktop, tablet or phone.
Look professional without spending lots of time or money.

How it works

Create your free account.

Upload your Swagger spec.*

Get your API docs.

Everything is editable. Add code samples easily. Add text, images and links.

“What if I don’t have a Swagger spec?”

You can write your documentation in clear, logical Markdown. Get started from our sample docs.

* This product is still in beta so you’ll spot a few rough edges! The Swagger conversion process is one of them. We’re working very hard to make this a seamless process. Until then, you’ll notice the human intervention behind the scenes . . . If you’re willing to bear with us, you’ll enjoy reduced prices during the beta.

Code samples with syntax highlighting

Code samples are an intuitive introduction to your API. They let developers get hands-on straight away.

Markdown is your source

The results are well formatted without any need for complicated markup.

But you can also add any HTML code you want, anywhere.

Generated HTML is pre-rendered

Many similar tools use Javascript to generate the web pages in-browser. APILab doesn’t. It produces static HTML, which is good for usability and SEO.

Fully responsive pages

No additional effort needed to produce documentation that works on all modern devices.

No upsell or lock-in

We have no suite of tools we’re trying to sell you. All we do is API documentation. Download the source and generated HTML at any time, and use them how you like.

Easy to self-host

You can download the output as one HTML and one CSS file: very easy to host on your existing platform.

No setup required

Open a free account, and that’s it. Start on your documentation straight away.